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This item is available only in German!

TOURENBUCH Romantische Straße

Ergänzend zum Infopaket Romantische Straße ist das 76-seitige Tourenbuch mit über 150 Tipps auf und im Land an der Romantischen Straße - Für Entdecker und Genießer

Information package - TOURENBUCH (in German)

    • 76-page tour book (German) with over 150 tips on and in the country along the Romantic Road - for explorers and connoisseurs
    • Route map with road map, long-distance cycle route and long-distance hiking trail (available in several languages)
    • List of accommodations (German/English) with hotels/guesthouses/guesthouses, holiday apartments, campsites and RV parks, youth hostels and hostels
    • Calendar of events (German) with concerts, open-air stages, historical festivals, wine and beer festivals and Christmas markets
    • Timetable Romantic Road Bus (German/English)
  • incl. tax, excl. shipping cost

    delivery time: 2-3 days

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